Frames: additional dice

Single Shot Rockets

Every Company starts with 3 SSR, which can be put in any configuration on any frame, as long as the total of 3 is present.

# Dice Effect
0 redd8 Adds one red d8. Range : 2 units to 1 ruler. Discarded after one use. Indestructible.

Examples : Hand grenade, rocket pod, underslung launcher.

A frame can carry all three of these, if you so choose. Since SSRs do not count as systems they cannot be destroyed.


If a frame has neither direct-fire or artillery weapon systems installed, it receives a bonus d8 for its movement, which allows it to traverse cover, too.

# Dice Effect
0 greend8 Adds one green d8. May move through cover. Indestructible.

Examples : Sprinting is a benefit of carrying no ammunition.

Since Sprinting is not a system, it cannot be destroyed. If a frame which has ranged weaponry loses those due to damage, it automatically gains this bonus.

Hint : the "Soldier" configuration

A soldier-configured frame carries 1 defensive system, 1 movement system, 1 spotting system, and 1 direct fire weapon system. Every other mobile frame is a specialist of sort. When you’re creating your frames, an easy way to start is to make a soldier configuration and then swap systems in and out to specialize as needed.

Recap : Die configuration notation

Count each of a frame's dice and list them off as you deal with them to give a quick description of a loadout. Every frame starts with “WW”, for two white d6. Add the other dice accordingly.

For attack dice, add a lowercase letter to indicate the range it is used at.

  • h = Hand-to-hand
  • d = Direct-fire
  • r = Rocket – still direct-fire; for distinction.
  • a = Artillery

If a frame has any d8, just add the 8 after the color, such as G8 or R8d. SSR are labeled as R8r – Red, d8, “rocket” range letter.

Example: A Soldier frame with two SSR would be WWBYGRdRdR8rR8r. It has its two white dice, one dice for Defense (blue), Spotting (yellow), Movement (green) and two dice for Attack (red) at direct-fire range (d) and its two rockets (R8r).