Mobile Frame Zero:Rapid Attack is a tabletop wargame designed to be played with LEGO® robots, with rules that are accessible to a broad spectrum of ages and provide casual fun as well as highpitched, intense battles. With a unique setting that allows for myriads of builds when it comes to Mobile Frames and their companies, MFZ is for the builder, the wargamer and everyone in between.

The game was released summer of 2012, but is based on the 2002 game 'Mechaton', which was just the crunch of the rules you see here. MFZ has been revised by Joshua A.C. Newman, with the help of Mechaton's inventor, Vincent Baker and his son Sebastian Baker. Joshua also got Soren Roberts on board, a LEGO® designer and freelance graphics artist who has some repute on FlickR for his microscale spaceships, anime-inspired mecha and other LEGO® creations.

MFZ was made to bring affordable wargaming to the kitchen table, without relying on prebuilt models, allowing for as intricate or simple models as a player likes. With that, MFZ is abstracted quite far, simplifying many elements which are much more elaborate in other wargames. MFZ is also heavily favouring action over inaction. With emphasis on attacking, a timer to keep things fast paced, and an intentional shortage of resources, every decision is meant to be tough. High risk elements combined with strategic sacrifices is what makes MFZ an entertaining game.