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"Mobile Frame Zero : Rapid Attack" Official rules

The official rules document is CC BY NC SA and available on the official site. Its full license can be found here.

  • Original game design by D. Vincent Baker.
  • Writing, publication, book design, and additional game & setting design by Joshua A.C. Newman.
  • LEGO® mobile frame and setting design by Soren Roberts.
  • Additional development by F. Sebastian Baker.
  • Character illustration by Emilee Denich.
  • Mechanical illustration by Richmont Gan.
  • Building instruction models and renders by Lester Ward.
  • Editing by Thor Olavsrud.

Mobile Frame Zero:Condensed

The rules as presented on this website are based on the rules summary entitled Mobile Frame Zero:Condensed (version 0.96).

Tracking the authors and contributors is a bit tricky. From the PDF file :

It has been created with the efforts of the /tg/mf0/ crowd, the Hangar Crew and other helpful beings that assisted in cutting the fat.".

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Present rules

The rules presented here are based on the works mentioned above.

Changes, updates and clarifications and their authors can be found on GitHub.

Here is a list of people who contributed but are not listed on GitHub :

Present website

The contributors of this website are listed on the project's contributors page.