Deployment Phase

Put your cover and terrain pieces on the playing field, except for stations. Any player can adjust the battlefield layout until everyone is satisfied. This may require compromises. When every player approves the layout of the battlefield, deployment of stations and frames begins.

Defense setup

The player with the highest starting score places all of their stations. The defender places all stations wherever they like, within 1 ruler length of at least one other station. Everything within the range of one ruler length around these stations is the defensive perimeter. Place two frames within this defensive perimeter.

If you manage to position your stations in a way that prohibits legal placement of the attackers, then move your stations so they leave at least one third of the battlefield outside the defensive perimeter.

It's probably to your advantage to place your frames at the advance edge of your perimeter

Point Mobile Frame

The Point attacker goes next, placing the point mobile frame:

  • Out of cover.
  • Outside the defensive player's perimeter.
  • At 1 ruler length distance of at least one of the Defender's frames, in range for direct-fire.

Attackers' frames

After this, all offensive players alternate, descending by score, frame for frame, until all frames are on the field.

Frames are placed:

  • Outside the defensive perimeter.
  • Outside direct fire range of any of the Defender's frames.
  • Otherwise, unrestricted.

Attackers' stations

Once all attacking frames are on the field, attackers alternate again, placing stations. On each of their turn, they place one station, wherever they like.

Defender's other frames.

The defender finishes placing all remaining frames. There are no restrictions, except frames placed outside the perimeter must be in cover.